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Getting rid of roaches on your own can be daunting and stressful, for these pests bring disease-causing bacteria and viruses with them. This may cause households serious diseases and even asthma. They can contaminate food and cause damage to the house and spread bacteria in the home.

The first thing to do in getting rid of cockroaches is to find out where they live inside your house. Cockroaches are medium-sized insects that have long antennae and thorny legs. In some areas, roaches are large than the usual size. If you have seen one cockroach in your home, chances are there are many others that are hiding somewhere.

It may be easier for you to find them at night where everyone is asleep because that is the time when roaches usually go out. Use a flashlight to see them or look for their droppings in the cupboard and pantries. It looks like small oval shape pellets.

If you see cockroaches, inspect where they are coming from or follow them where they are going. This is quite difficult but sealing cracks and crevices in your home may lessen the burden. Roaches usually hide in small holes and cracks.

There are many ways to kill cockroaches. You can do one or a combination of different approaches. One way to kill roaches is by making roach food. You can use boric acid to make roach food but be sure that you keep it away from children and other pets like dogs and cats.

Using insecticide spray is also effective especially if the spray is designed for cockroaches (because there are others formulated for house flies and mosquitoes). Spray where the roaches are coming out including all cracks, holes, and crevices. Follow instructions in using insecticides and make sure that children and pets do not inhale them as it can be dangerous for them.

Using cockroach bait can also be used in killing cockroaches. You should place the bait in a place not accessible by children.

The bait is a poison that kills a cockroach and, when the roach takes it to its hideout, may also kill other roaches.

Put a bait or two where roaches usually hide. Water jars can also be used as bait, place them near walls so roaches can get in but they won’t be able to get out. You may put food inside to invite cockroaches in.

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