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If you’ve been having pest issues and thinking “is there a nearby pest control exterminator near me?”, read on about some common insects and various questions and answers regarding them.


What is a termite?

  • Termite is an insect that destroys wood. They lived as far as the time the dinosaurs lived. Termites are also important in the environment but they can cause great damage to households with damages reaching $5 billion in a year.

Are there various types of termites?

  • In the U.S., there are three common types of termites: dry wood, damp wood, and subterranean termites. Dry wood, as its names suggest, prefers dry wood so they usually live in the urban city, unlike the damp wood which usually lives in the forest because they prefer wet wood. Subterranean termites live in the soil and like a moist environment. They are the most destructive of the three types of termites.

How can you identify termites?

  • Termites can depend on your location. Sometimes, they are mistaken for ants. They are usually noticeable before spring. Signs of termites are soft wood inside your house, dirty tubes in the foundation of your house, and damage to wood structures in your home.

How can you control termites?

  • You can control termites by calling a pest control expert to treat your home of pests and termites.

Bed Bugs

Do bed bugs live in beds only?

  • Bed bugs do not live in beds only. They can also live in chairs, sofas, crevices, cracks, electrical outlets, and even in computers like laptops and netbooks and in picture frames. In short, they can live anywhere.

How can you control bed bugs?

  • Bed bugs can be controlled through careful inspection of your furniture most especially the bed. Experts are familiar with where these bed bugs live. Proper treatment and preventive measures are essential in getting rid of these bed bugs.

Why is it hard to treat bed bugs?

  • Bed bugs are hard to treat because they live everywhere. Professional pest controllers are good at eliminating bed bugs because they are vigilant in searching for them.

Stinging Insects

What are the stinging insects?

  • The most common stinging insects are the bees, hornets, and wasps. Fire ants are also considered stinging insects.

In what months are stinging insects appear?

  • Stinging insects usually appear during the summer months.

Do stinging insects destroy property?

  • Some stinging insects can be a threat to large properties. Carpenter bees can destroy woods as well and can cause severe damage if not prevented right away.

What can a homeowner do to avoid encounters with stinging insects?

Homeowners should do preventive measures to eliminate stinging insects and other types of pests. It is necessary to seek a professional’s help in dealing with stinging insects’ issue.

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